Wednesday, February 1—Headin’ South

After our usual morning routine, we finished putting everything in its traveling place, retracted the slides, unhooked the water and electricity, and retracted the leveling jacks.  Kay paid our electricity bill for 15 days—$37.  We hooked up the Honda and at just past 8:30 AM were on our way south through Corpus Christi, Kingsville, and on to Mission.  At Kingsville, we turned west for a few miles on a sparsely traveled road, and saw over 50 sandhill cranes in the ranch pastures.  Our auxiliary brake accidentally engaged on the way, and we had to come to an emergency stop and remove it since it wouldn’t quit cycling.  As we got closer to the Rio Grande Valley, traffic increased, and we took a rock to the windshield in Edinburgh, Texas; replacing motorhome windshields is a costly endeavor, about $1,100.  We’ll see if someone can’t “patch” the dime size spatter. Flexibility is the key to RVing, and things aren’t as bad as they may appear in this writing.  We have learned to just go with the flow, i.e. it is what it is.

IMG_2995We arrived at Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort in Mission, Texas, about 12:30 PM, finally.  We have been on their waiting list since February 2008, and finally were able to get reservations for this February when we called last April 2011.  And yes, it’s that nice of a park.  After checking in, we were led to our site, set up, and immediately turned the air conditioner on to cool IMG_2998down from the high 80’s temperatures.  Lunch was leftovers (seems like we have leftovers a lot).  We were then off to the pool and spa to relax our aging muscles.  Afterward, we walked through parts of the park and were amazed at the number of Canadians.  When we were through here in 2008 and 2009, about 75% of RVers were from the US.  That has now changed and about 75% are from Canada.  The poor state of the US economy is really apparent, and we are hearing that next year will likely be worse for RVers here in this park.  It’s just my opinion, but after seeing our national parks and monuments out west and seeing RVers in south Texas, “foreigners” are really taking over.  More power to them, but it’s time we get our USA house back in order!  (Kay will lecture me on this political statement.)

Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort has a calendar packed with activities ranging from outdoor activities such as birding tours, kayaking, and bicycling, to more sedate activities such as cards, karaoke, and dancing. They also have a huge woodworking shop, do wood carving and wood burning, and everything in between—we settled on karaoke tonight, and it was a hoot.  There were a couple of good singers, though none were even close to Kay.  The others would have made good entries on the Gong Show, and the more lubricated they got, the funnier they sang.  We laughed and laughed.  One guy had had his voice box removed and used his artificial voice box to sing—you’ve all seen these folks who hold an amplifying device up to a flap on their throat.  After watching these folks make a fool of themselves, we finally had to call it a night.

With respect to Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort, as Little Orphan Annie said, “I think I’m going to like it here.” 

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