Sunday, January 29—A New Church

Having missed two Sundays in a row, we definitely needed to attend church today. We chose an old, small United Methodist Church in Ingleside, Texas,IMGP0181B just south of Aransas Pass. We were greeted in the parking lot by a friendly couple, then at the door by others. As we entered the church, we were greeted by pastor Kelli, a young woman in her mid-20s. (OH WOW!  my computer just crashed, out of the blue; hope it can be restored.  Okay, we’re back now, no harm?)

It’s amazing how different churches have different cultures.  The Community Protestant Church in West Yellowstone, Montana, that we attended this summer was much like a small version of our church at home, though of a different denomination.  The church today had a "blended" service of just over 100 people—guess that means a blend of contemporary with traditional—and a very young pastor just out of seminary last June.  Some parts of the service could’ve been from a small Pentecostal church back home as almost the entire congregation raised their hands in praise during singing.  At other times, the service was more formal, though it seemed the formality was a little uncomfortable for most of the old-time locals.  Their music was okay, but made us appreciate the music at FUMC and at TLBC in Mountain Home. Sometimes, we take for granted the musical talent in the Mountain Home area!  Anyway, the pastor preached on "Intentional Faith Development", a topic near and dear to me, and ways to keep ourselves accountable (something I needed)!  After services, the church was having a “fish fry” fund raiser, with fried flounder caught in the area.  Regrettably, fried fish is an exception to the diet, and since we had dinner plans for later in the day, we passed it up.

The afternoon went by quickly. We met our friend, Jack, and his friend, Marilyn, for dinner and drove to Port Aransas. “Uncle” Jack was our neighbor briefly at RedRock RV Park in Henry’s Lake, Idaho, this past summer. We really enjoyed his company, and grew to like him after he brought us cherry cream cheese pie—he was our new best friend!  It was at that time that he told us about the Rockport/Aransas Pass area and his plans for wintering there.  With this information and after learning that several of our fellow Arkansas Travelers would be here, we opted to come by for a few days prior to arriving in the Rio Grande Valley; by the time we made reservations for Rockport, a lot of the really good RV parks were full, but Redfish Bay RV Park in Aransas Pass is great. Anyway, we had intended to eat at Moby Dick’s, but they closed just a couple of hours before we arrived (you think they knew we were coming?). We then cruised the island and settled on one of only a few restaurants that were open, and were surprisingly delighted with the food, though the prices, atmosphere, and wait staff lacked a lot to be desired. However, I had grilled red snapper and it was the best fish I have had in the area.

Back at the motorhome, we ended the evening with Kay watching television while I read.

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