Saturday, January 28—Just a Saturday

We have had such a hectic schedule the last couple of weeks that today, and in fact the whole weekend, is going to be a “slow-down” time for us.

Just like every other morning, we began the day drinking coffee in bed, reading e-mail, and keeping up with local, state, and national news via online newspapers. Traveling with the Internet allows us to keep in touch as we read the Baxter Bulletin, the Arkansas-Democrat Gazette, and USA Today—all online.

Kay went to a crafts fair in Rockport on her way to grocery shopping while I remained at the motorhome to catch up on the travel blog and bring some order to new photographs.

IMGP0179PBWe met fellow Arkansas Travelers Bruce, Jeannie, Jim, Ginny, Mark, and Joana for dinner on Mustang Island, across the Bay. It was sort of our last “formal” get together before our really last get together before Kay and I leave. Once again, I had grilled tilapia as did Kay. We talked, laughed, ate, and talked and laughed some more; we all had a very good time, and it’s nice being in South Texas among friends.

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