A Family Visit

Today marks our second Sunday on the road. We intended to attend the local Methodist Church this morning, but I received a call from my sister, Carma, indicating that she, her husband Gerald, cousin Linn, and her husband Tom were driving down from south of Houston for a visit. They urged us to go on to church, but we insisted they leave early, knowing that we could watch our church, First United Methodist Church in Mountain Home, online. We were only partially successful in watching the service, given the lag in receiving the satellite feed, and then, about two thirds of the way through the service, the feed went completely blank. We will have to ask the church to send us a DVD of this and the previous week’s sermons.

Carma, Gerald, Linn, and Tom arrived about 10:30 AM, toured the RV, and we had a great visit, including talking about their spring fishing plans on Beaver Lake. IMG_2916BKay and I were unfamiliar with restaurants in the area, but had eaten at Blackbeard’s Too and thought their food was very good, so we recommended it for lunch. We drove the short distance to Ingleside, Texas, and had a great meal. Kay had the blackened catfish and shrimp combo, and I had the grilled tilapia. The food was excellent, and not terribly expensive. We said our farewells in the restaurant parking lot, and our family visitors departed for Bay City, Texas.  Kay and I returned to the RV for rest, relaxation, and football. (We didn’t need the rest and relaxation, but it sounded good.)
During the course of the evening, Kay and I made notes on things we wanted to do in the Aransas Pass, Texas, area before we depart on February 1, and also made a list of things we wanted to buy at Sam’s Club/Walmart.
Tomorrow, we’ll begin checking off items on the lists.

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