Padre Island National Seashore

IMGP0154BThe weather forecast for this part of coastal Texas calls for nice weather today and tomorrow with rain on Wednesday, and cooler weather the next few days.

Using our list of things we want to do in this area, and given the weather forecast, we decided on a day trip to Padre Island National Seashore.  We called fellow RVers, Bruce and Jeannie, to see if they wanted to accompany us. We picked them up at Ransom Road RV Park at about 10:30 AM and departed for Port  Aransas and Padre Island. We enjoyed riding the ferry once again across Redfish Bay, and drove to the beach at Port Aransas. From there we drove south, via Mustang Island, to Padre Island.IMGP0155B It is the largest undeveloped barrier island in the world. As we drove through the entrance station, we were amazed at the number of cameras; apparently, our federal agencies are serious about protecting the border and the influx of drugs, weapons, and illegal aliens. Padre Island was more undeveloped than we expected, but quite delightful with all the open space.  IMG_1929BWe saw hundreds of ducks in a small pond near the road, IMG_1934Band Bruce spotted several sandhill cranes "grazing" on the seagrass. We stopped at the small visitor center, took some pictures of the beach area, and departed.

From there we drove north to Corpus Christi, stopping at Best Buy for Jeannie to buy a WebCam. She communicates with her daughter via Skype; technology is becoming an everyday facet our lives, and many RVers are keeping up-to-date with these new forms of communication and data processing. After leaving Corpus Christi we drove to Bruce and Jeannie’s, and admired their cabinet renovations recently done to accommodate new televisions. The work was done at an RV dealership in Harrison, Arkansas, and appeared to have come from the factory as the job was done so well.

Kay and I returned to Redfish Bay RV Park, had dinner, read, and watched television—pretty much a typical evening. (I finished the sixth book so far on this trip; don’t know why I don’t read as much at home.)

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