Hey, This is a Pretty Nice Area

IMGP0142BWe’ve been here at Redfish Bay RV Resort a couple of days now, and it’s beginning to feel more comfortable.

We cleaned the motorhome this morning, had lunch of leftovers made into fajitas, and discussed our options for the afternoon.

Aransas Pass is just north of Corpus Christi, across Redfish Bay.  Port of Aransas, Texas, and Mustang Island are just east and open to the Gulf of Mexico. Further south, below Corpus Christi, is Padre Island National Seashore.  We wanted to see the beach area at Port of Aransas, and perhaps do a little birding (that’s the right lingo, isn’t it, for looking at birds). We left Aransas Pass, took a bridge across the big part of Redfish Bay, and immediately came to a ferry landing. We were surprised to see several slots for ferries, and queued up for the next crossing to Port of Aransas. It was a short, free ferry, and we were IMG_1914Bimmediately in Port Aransas. Port Aransas is a typical coastal resort town similar to what one would find on the Mississippi, Alabama, or Florida Gulf coast. We drove a short distance east and came to sand beaches and breaking waves from the Gulf of Mexico. There were many cars parked on the beach, fishing in the surf and just walking in the wet sand. IMG_1910PWe saw a pelican standing on the pier next to a jetty, and stopped to take several photographs. It had no fear of us. We then drove along the beach, parked and walked in the wet sand, enjoying the sights and the sounds of breaking waves.

Because the Gulf of Mexico is so close, we opted to continue our drive south, making the loop around Corpus Christi and back to Redfish Bay RV Resort. IMGP0147PAlong the way we stopped at Mustang Bay State Park. The park is relatively undeveloped with a small RV campground, some paved parking areas, and restroom facilities. The beach was not crowded, but was beautiful with gulls, and breaking waves for as far as the eye could see.

We completed the loop, making a short trip of it—only about three hours.

After dinner (smoked sausage, cabbage, broccoli rice) we read and watched television. Though we are not taking advantage of satellite TV via the tailgater, we did record a couple of our favorite Friday evening shows: Gold Rush Alaska and Flying Wild Alaska. We will watch these on a rainy day when outside activities are limited.

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