A Day of Exploring

Gosh, we slept past 7 AM.

IMG_1901After coffee, reading news from home online, and eating breakfast, Kay washed and dried clothes.  We drove to the RV park where Bruce and Jeannie were staying, then through Rockport where we stopped and photographed some pelicans sunning themselves on a jetty.  We checked out a number of RV parks in the area for future IMGP0140reference, and saw small tree loaded with oranges on one of the yards along the street. We drove by Southern Oaks RV Park where Jim and Ginny were staying and were “caught” by Jim. We visited with them, and found that we really enjoyed their company. After whiling away the afternoon, we returned to the motorhome to read and relax, make a few phone calls, and generally do nothing.

After dinner we downloaded photographs and updated the journal.

NOTE 1: For Christmas I received a Kindle Fire. After a frustrating week of trying to connect to our home network I was ready to trash it, but finally succeeded after reading a forum entry and changing the security settings on our router. I find that I am using the Kindle Fire more and more, particularly for reading e-mails, online papers, and forums; consequently, the notebook computer is being used less and less.

NOTE 2: As you read in the journal a few days ago we now use Tailgater dish for receiving satellite television (as you may recall we spent the summer in Idaho without any television, and found it impossible to use DirecTV with our current equipment at the time). During our very brief stay at Redfish Bay RV Park, the Tailgater is a conversation piece and two different folks have stopped by to inquire about it’s ease-of-use, and the various programming options available. We very much like the Tailgater, and have given it a good a recommendation.

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