Seeing Old Friends and the Refrigerator Debacle

The first night in a new location is always a difficult one during which to get sufficient sleep, thus waking up at 4 AM. We didn’t have plans today, except to drive around the area, get our bearings, and decide on what we wanted to spend our time.  After coffee and breakfast I put Kay’s bicycle together for her enjoyment around the area—my work for the day! 

Some friends from our RV club back in Arkansas called and invited us to breakfast at a local Taqueria (they specialize in tacos), joining two other couples from the RV club. Bruce, Jeannie, Jim, and Ginny came by for a brief visit and to look at our new motor home. We have enjoyed meeting and knowing these folks through RV club activities. We followed them to the restaurant and had coffee (Weight Watchers, you know) while the others had breakfast. We made plans to meet again in the afternoon to attend a science lecture at one of the local museums.

Kay and I returned to the motorhome, dug out the hose, bucket, car wash, and brushes, and washed and dried the RV. Our drive yesterday from La Grange, Texas, to Aransas Pass was in a misting rain, and the RV was really dirty. We came in from the wash job only to find the refrigerator not working. Kay immediately tried calling Norcold, but got put on hold. She then called the RV dealership where we purchased the motorhome and they gave her the names of some Norcold service centers in the area.  The first one she called could not make a service call until Saturday, but she scheduled it anyway.  She then called another service center and they did not make service calls but would evaluate the problem if we brought the RV to their shop; this would be a major effort for us, however, we needed the refrigerator and were prepared to drive the RV to the shop. She then called Norcold again, and they told her that it was possibly a recall item, checked our serial number against the recall and said that the refrigerator had had the necessary parts exchanged prior to leaving the factory. They further told her that if indeed it was a warranty/recall problem, then the service center would have to call them and a part would be shipped to arrive in 8 to 10 days. I had read horror stories about Norcold, but had hoped to not ever experience any ourselves. The manager/owner of the RV park had given us a card of a repair technician, so as a last resort Kay called him, he said he thought he knew what was wrong, had the part, and was certified by Norcold to do warranty service. He also said that he didn’t know whether he could make the service call today but would come tomorrow if he couldn’t make it today. This sounded too good to be true.

Meanwhile, Bruce and Jeannie came by to drop off some oranges and during our visit, the repair technician dropped by, quickly looked at the refrigerator, went outside to look at the back of the refrigerator, asked us to turn the refrigerator off, and in a couple of minutes asked us to turn it back on, and it worked! He came in, with a bad module in his hand, got Kay’s signature and the serial number the refrigerator, and was gone in less than 15 minutes after arriving. He was not one for small talk, but did an excellent job of repairing the refrigerator.

After the stressful afternoon, we grilled pork chops and zucchini, baked sweet potatoes, had dinner, and took it easy the rest of the evening.

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