Our Second Long Stop

Colorado landing was a pleasant surprise, especially when we found out that La Grange Texas was home to the famed chicken ranch.

Today was to be our last day of travel for couple of weeks, as we were going to be staying in Aransas Pass, Texas, until February 1. Our drive today was approximately 160 miles, and we got an early start, bought gas just north of Rockport, Texas, and arrived at Redfish Bay RV Park in Aransas Pass, Texas, at 12:30 PM. The office was closed until 1:00 PM so we unhooked the Honda, and waited to check in.

Our site is on a concrete pad, level, with full hookups. After parking, putting the jacks down, and extracting the slides, we were ready to make this our home for the next two weeks. The temperature was slightly warm, so we turned our air conditioner on. Redfish Bay RV Park is a relatively small Park, but quite full. The Honda was covered with road dirt from being towed in a misting rain, so one of our priorities was to find a car wash. Being hungry and without some vital groceries, we drove towards a restaurant, stopping to wash the Honda on the way. The restaurant, Blackbeard’s, had wonderful fish tacos. It was then off to the nearest Walmart only to find their computer systems down—they were only taking cash. We shopped anyway, buying the much needed groceries and RV washing supplies.

During our absence our new friend from Henry’s Lake, Idaho, Jack, had dropped by and left his card. When we returned we call Jack to let him know we were “home" and he came a few minutes later for a visit. It was so good to see him. Jack has become an artist of sorts, weaving baskets out of pine straw, and they are extraordinary works of art. After his departure we settled in to make this our home for a couple of weeks.

IMGP0139BDownloading photographs, I discovered one we took at the US Army Corps of Engineers campground, Maumelle Park, in Little Rock of a cute couple on the mobile scooters “walking” their dogs.

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