Finally, Warm Weather

After a good night’s sleep, albeit a warm one, we awoke ready for the morning news and our first cup of coffee. Today was to be our longest driving day at 334 miles, but we were in no real rush to depart.

IMG_2887BWe ate one of our usual Weight Watcher breakfasts of hash browns, onions, green peppers, Canadian bacon, and egg substitute all scrambled together, sort of like an egg hash, complemented with toast and raspberry jam (a total of 9 Weight Watcher points). We washed and dried dishes and readied the motorhome for travel.

IMG_1869BWe decided to give one more shot to finding the Louisiana pelicans, so drove to the point where we saw them last night. There was a single pelican on the water that arose and began flying towards the south shore, and then we noticed many others flying single file in that same direction. After a couple of photographs we jumped back in the car and drove to the southern point in the campground and again saw even moreIMG_1886B pelicans flying single file in a southerly direction, and then noticed a huge group that had landed on the shore. Apparently they were all congregating there; it was the site to behold.IMG_1881B
We returned to the motorhome, unplugged the power cord, withdrew the slides, and retracted the jacks. We drove to a straight stretch of road within the park, and hooked up the Honda for towing. We left the campground at about 9:30 AM, driving south on US Highway 59, then Texas Highway 43, then US Highway 79 for our nightly destination of La Grange, Texas.  Despite the roads only being two lanes, the shoulders were wide enough to pull over and allow vehicles to pass. Also, despite the fact that Texas has a significant petroleum industry and lots of heavy trucks, their highways are in remarkable shape compared to those we drove in Arkansas. Kay and I both are embarrassed at the state of our roads and highways, given the high degree of taxation we suffer. We made several stops along the way, and filled up with some $160+ of gas, our largest purchase of fuel so far. We battled a 20 to 25 miles per hour headwind the entire day, and our miles per gallon was only a meager 6.1.  We’ve now driven the motorhome a total of about 1200 miles since purchasing it new, and except for yesterday’s 140 miles, have faced headwinds in excess of 15 mph the entire time.

We arrived at Colorado RV and mobile home Park in La Grange Texas, at 4:30 PM.IMG_1895B Kay registered us while I unhooked the Honda.  We were assigned a nice site right by the Colorado River, quickly set up, and walked along the river, amazed at the number of large cottonwood trees along the bank, and also the clarity of the river. Some of  you may have heard of La Grange, Texas.  ZZ Top sang a song about La Grange in a 1973 IMG_1896release, and more famous than that was Mrs. Edna’s Chicken Ranch, made famous in the stage play, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, and a movie by a similar title.  I digress.  After several photographs, we drove to Schulenberg, Texas, for some authentic German food. This well-known restaurant had a good buffet, but lacked the typical German food we expected. However, we did have excellent sausages, sauerkraut, and fresh made salsa.

With Wi-Fi for the first time in five nights, we spent the rest of the evening reading and sending e-mails, downloading photographs, and updating this travel blog.

By the way, we now have our air conditioner on! Is this a great world or what?

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