Time to Leave Little Rock

I awoke this morning again to very cold temperatures—in fact it was 25° again. Hopefully, today will be the last day we suffer through the cold of this winter of 2011-2012.  Having slept a bit later than usual this morning, I rushed out the door about 7:30 AM for the drive to Maumelle to see Kay and Ridge, picking up our breakfast of Egg McMuffins on the way.  Kay was awake but Ridge was still asleep when I arrived, so we ate our breakfast and read the Sunday newspaper.  And then Ridge awoke, badly needing a diaper change, but was in a playful mood.  He drank one and a half bottles and then lay on the floor enjoying his toys. Karyn called saying they were departing Hot Springs at what we thought was 10 AM so we continued playing with Ridge and finished reading the newspaper. Shortly after 10 AM Karen and Matt arrived, glad to be home and to see their little one.  Obviously, we didn’t fully understand the phone call!  Kay and I left their house, drove to Maumelle Park Campground, and prepared the RV for a short travel day.

We left the Little Rock area at 11:30 AM driving south towards Rocky Point Campground at Wright Patman Lake near Texarkana, Texas. On the drive down we saw two different over-the-road truck drivers reading paperback books and driving at the same time.  And, one was also smoking a cigarette; it appears one has to be multifunctional to drive a truck—kind of scary isn’t it?  We arrived at the campground about 3:00 PM, was assigned our site, and quickly unhooked the car and set up the motorhome. Both of us were hungry and so we ate leftovers we had in the refrigerator. Being further south the temperature had moderated some what, and it was a nice day for walking.  Kay and I walked the campground, occupied with a surprisingly large number of campers.  We had forgotten that tomorrow, Monday, was a Federal holiday, i.e. Martin Luther King Day.  At a point jutting out into the lake, we saw a number of gulls and Louisiana pelicans on the water, but neither of us had brought a camera.  We completed our afternoon walk, with Kay checking out the toilet and shower facilities (they were warm and clean), and we noticed that each toilet/shower building had a dryer (the washers had been removed for the winter season)—another first for us.  But not to fail, we also saw one camper who had pulled an open flatbed trailer, installed a canopy, and had hooked up a washer that he had put on the trailer.  In combination with the book-reading truck drivers, I suppose we have just about seen everything.

IMG_1864BWe walked back to the motorhome where Kay picked up her shower accessories and I grabbed a camera with a telephoto lens. We drove to the shower house where I dropped Kay off and then I drove to the point where we had observed the pelicans earlier; they had flown away to a small bay on another arm of the lake, but was able to get a couple of nice sunset photos.

IMG_1865BAfter returning to the motorhome, we quickly read e-mail, I watched part of a football game, and Kay finished drying and rolling her hair. By then it was time for the Golden Globes awards, so we watched all the Hollywood types patting each other on the back and saying and doing the things that Hollywood types do (I had to edit out what I wrote because of Kay’s raised eyebrow and imperative that I keep politics out of this blog—drats).  Time to go to bed!

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