We Take Separate Paths

No, it’s not what it seems.  This is Kay’s big baby-sitting weekend while new mom and dad take a day and night off to go to the horse races in Hot Springs.  And, according to US Army Corps of Engineers rules, RVs in their campgrounds have to be occupied, so I’m staying in the RV. 

We had another cold night, though just barely below freezing.  Heating the new motorhome with propane (the heat pumps don’t work below freezing) is proving costly (well, not really, though the amount of propane has dropped considerably).  It’s still better than repairing/replacing busted water lines, valves, and pumps.

Breakfast this morning was on McDonald’s; their Egg McMuffin is within our Weight Watchers diet at only 8 points each.  We arrived at Karyn and Matt’s about 9 AM, and played with Ridge and caught up on newspapers, email, and internet while they prepared for their big day and night on the town.  After noon, Ridge went to sleep for his first afternoon nap, so I left Kay to fend for herself with Ridge, though I’m only a call away.  Back at the motorhome, I took my first afternoon nap as well—there’s nothing quite like a nice nap—and got warm for the first time in several days.  Afterwards, I walked, washed dishes, and cleaned windows; it’s always something.  Meanwhile, Kay fed Ridge, changed diapers, and repeated this cycle several times.  Just thinking about it, Ridge eats, sleeps, poops, then eats, sleeps, and poops, and repeats this process over and over again.  By golly, I think he’s got being retired down pat!

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