Friday, November 4—Driving The Big Girl Home

Before someone goes ballistic, the title of today’s blog is not referring to Kay; it’s about the motorhome; so far, so good.

After an event filled day yesterday, we spent the night in the motorhome, and slept okay, i.e. not too bad, but not too good.  We awoke this morning, eager to begin our drive home.  As we began hooking up the Honda toad, the motorhome receiver hitch was too high, creating an unsafe height differential between the motorhome and the Honda. We drove to Lichtson Motors parts department, one of the best in the business, for an 8” drop receiver.  They had it and it worked great, but with it installed the safety cables were too short. We drove back to the service department but had no luck.  The PDI service tech from yesterday walked by, and after hearing our sob story, suggested add-a-links. We drove to a local hardware store and bought two for each side.  They worked; we hooked up, and departed.

The motorhome drove well, and was less rough riding than we expected.  We stopped to fill up with gasoline shortly after leaving Lichtson, then began the long drive home, facing a stiff headwind all the way to Worlds of Fun just north of Kansas City, Missouri.

As we followed telephone directions to the Worlds of Fun RV Park, we ended up in a small neighborhood, on a dead end street going the wrong way, and the only street on which to turn was blocked by construction. This was the worst driving mess we’ve ever been in.  We unhooked the Honda, and I backed the giant motorhome (at least to us), turned around, and headed out, barely making it on the narrow car-filled street.  We finally go to Worlds of Fun, and found the park to be among the nicest in which we have ever stayed—a pleasant surprise indeed. The sites were level, but we had problems with the manual setting on the leveling jacks, so reverted to automatic and they worked fine. We settled in for the night, trying the microwave oven on a couple of Healthy Choice frozen dinners, then popcorn, and a night of television.

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