Saturday, November 5—Home At Last

This morning is overcast, with lots of wind.  We hooked up the Honda and began the final leg of the trip home.  Once again, we faced a strong headwind, and Saturday morning traffic in Kansas City was heavy.  We stopped in Peculiar, Missouri, for gasoline, and found that our first tank yielded 6.25 miles per gallon.  We rationalized this by considering the headwind all day yesterday to be the primary contributing factor.  We stopped again some 40+ miles north of Springfield, MO, for a bathroom break and weighed the motorhome; Kay has 3,000 pounds of remaining storage, for clothes!

We stopped one last time in Gainesville, Missouri, to fill up with gasoline for winter storage; averaging 6.15 miles per gallon for this tank, but again, headwinds were even stronger than yesterday.  We arrived at Quarry Park near home about 5 PM, and parked to complete the initial shakedown before winterizing.  It was good to be near home.


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