Thursday, November 3—Finally, It’s Finished and We Get to See It

Spending the night in Bethany, Missouri, we awoke early this morning, and drove the remaining 4 hours north to Lichtson Motors in Forest City, Iowa, to view and “inspect” the new motorhome.

As we drove past the Winnebago factory and into Forest City, we saw the 2012 Winnebago Adventurer 35 sitting in the parking lot, already hooked up to 50 amp electricity. IMG_2753B After making contact with the sales consultant, we walked around the exterior, then climbed inside and it was even nicer than we remembered.  With time on our hands, we began moving stuff that had been stored in the sales consultant’s office, covering one entire wall.  At 12:30 PM we met with a technician from the service department for a 3-hour pre-delivery inspection, known as a PDI in RV lingo.  He was very thorough and patient, and covered everything on our 13-page list.  The full wall slide on the driver’s side made an unusual noise when he was demonstrating it, and he later found a wooden jig left by one of the builders.  Other than that everything worked perfectly. IMG_2764BAfter the PDI, we completed the necessary paperwork, and completed moving stuff to the RV, and also stowing it in the interior drawers, cabinets, and closets, and stowing exterior things in the outside storage compartments.

Dinner was at The Lodge, a restaurant started by the daughter of Winnebago’s founder, but since sold. We began a conversation with the nice young couple at the adjacent table. They were ministers at a First Baptist Church in Forest City, Iowa. We had an awesome conversation and really enjoyed visiting with them. And, the food was great as well.

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