Idaho 2011, Day 49—After 7 Weeks, We’re Back Home

After unpacking, transferring, storing, and packing the Honda yesterday in 90+ degree weather, driving from northern Iowa to northern Missouri, eating a lousy Wendy’s hamburger, taking hot showers, and getting a brief night’s sleep, we began the final leg of the drive home.  Temperatures were in the high 90s, our first exposure to such heat in 7 weeks, and the humidity was stifling.  We arrived home at about 3 PM to a warm, but clean, house.  A quick survey revealed everything to be in remarkably good shape, except for the flower beds where armadillos had rooted extensively.  We unpacked the filled-to-capacity car, and began the process of putting things back in their place, washing and drying clothes, and cleaning the car which had sustained 7 weeks of dust and bugs, and 3 days of being towed behind a motorhome, 2 of which were in the rain.  We each took advantage of the large shower in the master bath, and spent the evening watching television, a real treat after a long absence.  It’s good to be home.

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