Idaho 2011, Day 48—Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

We’re in Forest City, IA,  home of Winnebago and Itasca Motorhomes, and Lichtsinn Motors, a Winnebago and Itasca dealer.  We met with a sales consultant this morning, having had several telephone conversations and email exchanges over the course of the last couple of months.  Kay and I had decided some time ago that we would seriously look at a larger RV this year since ours was needing some major maintenance, had some significant structural problems, and was a bit small for the type of RVing we now do—park in one spot for several weeks at a time—the last several weeks we’ve been really up close and personal in our small motorhome.  The Winnebago Adventurer 35P had the floor plan we most liked in all the brands and models of RVs we considered.  Casey, the sales consultant, took us to the Winnebago factory to see a finished 2012 Adventurer, and we really liked it.  We agreed on a price, completed the paperwork required to order one made to our specifications, and began the arduous process of unloading ours.  Kay did most of the work since my back had given out, and we finished about 5 PM, having spent most of the afternoon packing, moving, and storing STUFF.  It’s amazing how much STUFF can be packed into a small motorhome.  We loaded all of our clothes and other odds and ends in the Honda, and if a door is opened, it will be like a Jack-in-the-Box when the lid pops open—things will fly everywhere!  We said goodbye to the old motorhome, having driven it almost 27,000 miles and lived in it some 45 weeks over the course of the last 4 years—it would have been more except for 4+1 Quartet making a CD and a bout with prostate cancer!

We began driving south, arriving in Bethany, MO, about 9 PM, edging ever closer to home.  When we opened the car doors, the blast of heat almost knocked us over.  Welcome back to hot weather.

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