Time for Family

We have had an extraordinary fall, weather wise.  In fact, it is the nicest we’ve experienced since retirement.  Regrettably, RVing wasn’t part of the picture since we are currently RVless, having left the Melbourne in Forest City, Iowa, in late August.

This fall is special, too, because we have a new GRANDbaby, another grandson.  Kay and I traveled to Conway on Friday, morning, October 21, to be there when Ridge came into the world.  It took a little longer than expected but he arrived, all 8+ pounds, after 5 PM.  Karyn and Matt did a great job delivering a wonderful baby boy.  We spent several minutes “oohing and ahhing” over him, then got to visit briefly with Karyn.  I returned home, and Kay stayed in Maumelle to be with Karyn, Matt, and Ridge for a few days.

On Thursday, October 27, I drove to Maumelle to again see the growing baby boy, his awesome grandmother, KK, and, of course, his parents.  As I’m quite objective, I do find him to be the best looking baby boy I’ve ever seen.  By special request, I made tacos for the new parents, a favorite of both of Kay’s kids.  We awoke Friday morning to spend a last couple of hours with Karyn and Ridge, then drove to Brentwood, TN, for a visit with my brother and sister-in-law.  We don’t get to see them as often as we’d like, but do get to visit each other several times a year.  After a great visit, we returned home by way of Memphis, stopping for a visit to Costco, buying gasoline for $3.019 per gallon, and grateful to spend time with family.  We need to do this more often! 

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