Idaho 2011, Day 42—Wild Moose Chase

IMG_2552BKay left early this morning, driving to an area where moose have allegedly been seen, several times, on Red Rock Road.  She parked and waited and watched, and in her words, “No stinkin’ moose”.  So, inventive as she is, she did the next best thing and drove into West Yellowstone where she knew there were moose, with their steely looks, and took photos.  Also, today was supposed to be Christmas in West Yellowstone, with sales and good bargains—pshaw.  First of all, tomorrow, August 26 is “Crazy Daze” in West Yellowstone, and no one seemed to know about this being their “Christmas”.  Second, there are to be no substantive sales—just junk they cannot otherwise get rid of.  Kay was able to buy some things for Ridge, the new grandson due for his coming out in middle October, including a stuffed moose, elk, and wolf—all for his room’s alphabet shelf.

It sputtered rain all morning, mixed with clouds and wind, impeding our other outdoor activities.  After the “not to be” sales in West Yellowstone, it was pretty much a do nothing day.  We did pack some things, including our fishing rods and reels, waders, vests, float tubes, and such, readying for our departure towards home in a day or two.  We sure can carry a lot of stuff in our little motorhome.

As an aside, we anticipated temperatures in late August to be much milder, with highs in the 60s and lows in the high 30s, but this last week has been the hottest since our arrival here.  The weather forecast does show a significant decrease in temperatures beginning next week—after we’ve departed.

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