Idaho 2011, Day 43—Winding Down

This is our next to last day here in beautiful southeastern Idaho.  We packed most of our outside things today—if an outside storage compartment door opens, things will fly everywhere as we have it packed so tightly.

There was so much snow this past winter that we thought it would last through the year, but it has finally melted.  Though there has not been a frost yet, in fact this has been the hottest week of our stay at Red Rock RV Park, the meadows and forests are beginning to take on the colors of fall.Along Red Rock Road near Red Rock RV Park, Henry's Lake, ID


The mountains in the background and the meadow in the foreground in these two photos show how much difference a month+ makes.  The one on the left was taken on July 22 and the one on the right was taken August 26.

At lunch, we walked down IMGP0105Bto Meadow Vue Ranch to see some of the Montana Cutting Horse Association show.  Cutting horses are bred and trained to cut cattle out of a herd and keep them out.  On ranches, this was done to separate sick cows, weaning calves, etc.  Though these horses and riders were not up to the caliber I used to watch at the American Cutting Horse Association in Fort Worth and cutting horse shows in Guthrie, OK, they were good nevertheless.

IMGP0121BOn our mile walk back to the RV park, we were able to photograph two peregrine falcons in a nearby tree.  There are four that seemed to inhabit the area, and we’re sure they feed on the ground squirrels, voles, and other critters in the meadows.  We can hear them call from inside the motorhome as they circle the fields and forests looking for prey.

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