Idaho 2011, Day 41—Round-up Time At Meadow Vue Ranch

After a lazy morning, I was visiting with RVers down the “street”, looked up, and saw a small herd of cattle being driven down Red Rock Road towards the Meadow Vue Ranch headquarters.  The ranch headquarters is just about a mile from us, and is among our favorite places to walk.  It is a working cattle ranch that also hosts kids from 8 to 18 in the summer for ranch camp where they hone their equestrian skills and even their rodeo skills.  On Wednesday and Sunday evenings, the ranch puts on a rodeo featuring the kids and serves a great BBQ dinner for $25 per person; when we called for reservations a couple of weeks ago, they had already closed for the season.  Anyway, I digress.  There were several cowboys and at least one herding dog moving the cattle.  Kay checked their website and discovered that they are hosting a cutting horse show beginning tomorrow through Saturday.  We knew something was up because when we were walking yesterday, we noticed 3 large temporary structures being erected to stable at least a hundred horses.  Apparently this is an annual event, and riders and cutting horses gather en mass.  It is open to the public at no charge, and vendors are present with food, etc.—absolutely amazing considering it is in the middle of nowhere.  Regrettably, I don’t have pictures of the cattle drive as the camera I took photos with uses a different kind of card than can be read by either of our computers, and I forgot the card reader!  We’ll go to the “cutting” tomorrow and post pictures.

IMG_2548BKay had been wanting to fish the Gallatin River inside Yellowstone National Park, so after lunch and naps, we loaded our fly fishing gear and made the hour drive to about Mile 24 on Highway 191, pulled into a turnout, donned our waders, and headed for the river.  It was a great spot, and we found a couple of small pools, but about the same time as we entered the water, storm clouds began rolling in, accompanied by thunder and wind.  What few insects we saw disappeared with the wind, and we had to fish blind.  For Western rivers and streams, it is important to “match the hatch”, and apparently we didn’t.  After about an hour and a half, we called it quits, and headed back to the RV park.

P.S.  It has been warm here the last couple of days, with highs in the mid-80s.  This is unseasonably warm for here, particularly in late August.  At least the humidity is low.

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