Idaho 2011, Day 40—Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

It seemed like just a few days ago that we arrived here at Red Rock RV Park with meadows full of blooming wildflowers and snow on the mountain peaks.  Just in the last few days, almost all the flowers have disappeared, the meadows have turned the amber color so prevalent in autumn, and the last vestiges of snow are quickly melting—to be gone probably before we are!  Ranchers are disbursing their cattle and horses, and locals are working overtime readying themselves for the approaching winter expected to come in about 6 weeks.
My allergies are giving me fits, and some days I have almost no energy.  But, it’s difficult to stay inside when the environment is so enticing, and the weather so agreeable.  During one of my times outside, I heard an elk bugle twice.  In yesterday’s entry, I forgot to mention that I saw a young bull elk on the way out to fish Hebgen Lake; perhaps it was him.
We let the morning get completely away from us, then drove a few miles to a grocery market in Island Park, providing us an opportunity to make some phone calls.  It was there we heard the news of the east coast earthquake near Nan and George’s house, so we called every number we had to check on their well-being.  Their return calls and emails indicated they were okay, with no property damage—praise God!
Some fellow RVers had told us of a playhouse in West Yellowstone, the Playmill Theater.  We purchased tickets, online, to one of their 3 productions, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and arrived to wait in line for the 8:30 PM show.  Were we ever surprised at the quality of dancing, singing, and acting—it was awesome!  We both really enjoyed the production, and highly recommend the theater in West Yellowstone if you’re ever in the area during the summer season.
It was almost 11:30 PM when we arrive back at the RV Park, but we slipped in without making too much noise, closing the door on August 23, 2011.

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