Idaho 2011, Day 37—Road Trip No. 6

IMG_1775BWe didn’t see much of Grand Teton National Park last Friday, and decided to return for a more thorough look—our last one of the trip, and maybe our last one forever—lots of other places to go and things to see and do.  We got a fairly early start, and stopped for breakfast at Pond’s Restaurant in Island Park.  We thought it was near impossible to mess up breakfast, but neither of our eggs were cooked to order as both servings were grossly overdone.

US Bank, Driggs, IDWe made a stop in Driggs, Idaho, for some photos.  Driggs is informally billed by many as the new Jackson Hole for the middle class.  By the looks of some of the houses, we have to believe that we’re in the lower class!  There is a small ski resort nearby, and lots of cutesy shops, stores, and restaurants, all boding a Western theme.  Many of the new buildings, like the US Bank and Wells Fargo Bank have incorporated the theme in their structures.

As we began ascending the Teton Pass, several runners were ascending as well, and the race continued all the way to the top, and back down towards Jackson Hole. IMG_1764B A few young women were leading the large, mixed group of runners, and were far ahead of the others; way to go, girls!  We drove through Jackson Hole, and it has changed, and grown, tremendously since the last time we were there  10 years ago.  From Jackson Hole, we entered Grand Teton National Park, and drove the easterly road north, enjoying new to us scenes.

IMG_1780BAs we continued driving, we turned east onto a road neither of us had ever traveled, then north, to drive Mormon Row, and passing a small bison herd.IMG_1770B  Mormon Row was the sight of several Mormon homesteads, now abandoned, and all had spectacular views of the Grand Tetons.  Practically all visitors were taking photos, and we even saw a couple of artists painting the farm scape.

IMG_1804BFrom Mormon Row, we drove to the westerly road running north through the park, stopping to take photos of these scenic mountains.  At the north end of Jenny Lake, we found a picnic table for lunch, and after eating, hiked String Lakes to Leigh Lake, and return, about 2 miles.  Westerners enjoy their outdoor recreaton.  String Lakes, Grand Teton NPAlong the way, we saw all ages of people canoeing, kayaking, tubing, boarding, and otherwise enjoying the lakes.  In addition, there were many hikers, like ourselves, enjoying the great afternoon.

IMG_1815BBy then, the building thunderstorm has just about overtaken us, and we headed for the car and Colter Bay Visitor’s Center.  Despite a light rain, we toured the Indian Arts Museum at the Colter Bay Visitor’s Center.  Both of us had had enough road trip by then, and began the 3 hour drive north and west to the RV park, detouring only briefly to makeOur last thermal feature of the trip, Firehole Drive, Yellowstone NP the Firehole Lake Drive, one of only a very few that escaped us this summer.  The thermal features were great, but so much has changed since my last visit near 20 years ago, that it lost some of it’s glitter.

We arrived back at the RV park about 8:30 PM, ready for a quiet evening.

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