Idaho 2011, Day 36—Allergies, Even Out West

The last few days have found me feeling nauseous with a headache, and unusually low energy.  Couldn’t figure it out for the longest, but finally concluded it was an allergic reaction to the unending supply of dust, smoke from campfires, and flower and tree pollen.  After all, it is early fall out here, and the same thing happens at home if we’re outside for any length of time.  Oh well, an Allegra everyday, and a couple of Tylenol occasionally will keep it from worsening.  So, today makes the second day I’ve stayed in and around the RV park.
As a consequence of the above, Kay drove to Idaho Falls today, by herself, for some “Kay time” and “big city” shopping.  Our little motorhome, and we really like it, can get awfully small directly in proportion to the number of consecutive days we stay in it, and so far, it’s been over 5 weeks.
While Kay was gallivanting about, I walked between 4 and 5 miles to make up for yesterday.  It was early enough that the temps were still in the low 60s, making for a pleasant outing. 
When Kay returned, we joined three couples from Albuquerque around their campfire, and enjoyed some pleasant conversation.

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