Idaho 2011, Day 38—A Quiet Sunday

Today, we were off to church at what seemed like first light (actually it was 9:15 AM), our last visit to West Yellowstone Community Protestant Church before we begin traveling back home.  The message today was an extension of last Sunday, Do the Right Thing—because God Loves You.  It was very brief, and we took communion afterward.  We have really enjoyed attending this small church.  The pastor is actually their youth minister, substituting until they find a fulltime pastor, but he’s been in this capacity for about a year now because money is tight in this seasonal resort town.  He definitely has a heart for God.

This afternoon was Bunko time at Red Rock RV Park, and to warm up the mostly ladies group played Left Center Right.  Kay won $5 for the afternoon’s effort, leaving us a little gas money on which to return home.

We’re down to about 6 days left here—after today—and though we’re anxious to return home, we will miss new friends, great weather, and the myriad of outdoor experiences that are available.

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