Idaho 2011, Day 25—The Henry’s Fork

This mule deer doe had twins, Henry's Lake, IDToday marks the start of our 4th week here at Red Rock RV Park; my, how time flies.   Kay “needed” a cut and color and visited a “beauty” shop in West Yellowstone about mid-morning, while I walked to Henry’s Lake and back.  After a late lunch, a nap, and a brief rain, we drove to the Upper Coffee Pot Rapids of the famed Henry’s Fork River looking for hatches, rises, and access.  Just outside the RV park, we spotted a mule deer doe with twins, both still with spots; even the little ones have long ears!

IMGP0078We parked at the Upper Coffee Pot Rapids campground, and hiked the Henry’s Fork riverside trail downstream for about 3/4 of a mile, and only saw a few hatches—caddis and a brown colored mayfly—and even fewer rises, and even fewer fishers.  We finally met a young fly fishing family, and the father said the fishing had been slow, and the fish small; he was using a beadhead fly, but didn’t know the pattern.  As we began driving back to the RV park, rain began falling—seems like an every afternoon sort of thing—forcing us in the rest of the night.

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