Idaho 2011, Day 24—Catching Up Is Hard To Do

After two long days on the road, we awoke to a bit of normality this morning; it was good to sleep at “home” snuggled under the down comforter, with the welcoming aroma of fresh brewed coffee when we awoke.  The church we’ve been going to is hosting the Gideons this morning, and we opted to play hooky—and we don’t miss church very often.  We used the time to catch up on washing/drying of clothes, reading and responding to emails, posting the blog beginning from last Wednesday, and editing and posting new photos to the web album.  By the way, Kay is becoming quite a good photographer, and we’re using more and more of her photos in both the blog and the web album.

IMG_1213We finally got “caught up” with our chores a little after noon, but clouds began rolling in from almost every direction.  Mid-afternoon saw a ferocious thunderstorm with pea-sized hail covering the ground.  When it cleared, and the sun came back out, we did our daily 3-mile walk.  Just about all the wildflowers along the RV park road are gone now, and as we walked up the mountain a bit , saw that most of the wildflower blooms were beginning to wane, with the exception of fire weed.  As we rounded a bend and came upon a small meadow, we spotted a female mule deer that we had seen in the same area on prior walks.

Clouds began forming again, but rain held off long enough for Kay to start Bunko.  How the players remained dry on the patio amidst the rain and wind is amazing, but when it comes to Bunko…

The Centennial Saga.  We watched another installment of Centennial.  If you’ve been reading the blog, you may remember that we had trouble with the old DVD player, and bought another when we first arrived.  Centennial was a Christmas gift Christmas before last, and one of my all time favorite mini-series.  We thought we had watched the whole thing, but questioned each other about gaps in the story.  After the last DVD was played week before last, Kay asked to see the box, and exclaimed that she didn’t remember us watching some of the episodes.  We popped a DVD back in the player, studied the screen real close, and detected a very small green box around the segment to be played; we had to look real close to see the box, and otherwise, the menu said simply “Play All”.  Well, it didn’t mean play all, it meant play the segment with the tiny green box around it.  Gosh, did I ever feel like a fool!  So now, we’re catching up watching the “other half” of Centennial, and it makes a lot more sense.  We’ve not missed television too much, mainly in the morning to catch up on news and happenings, and Kay misses Brian Williams on the NBC Evening News.  We do have the mini-series, John Adams, and several Sam Elliot westerns waiting in the wings.

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