Idaho 2011, Day 26—Fishing The Gibbon

Today was going to be the day.  Finally, we decided to fish, come heck or high water.  Actually, one of the great things about fishing the rivers out here is you don’t have to worry about reservoir releases for generation.  But, you do have to worry about wild animals—grizzly bears, bison, and elk!
As our day began, we enjoyed a great 3-mile walk to Henry’s Lake and back.  Upon returning to the RV, we printed out some affidavits for both Idaho and Montana, as part of an ongoing legal mess regarding our neighborhood back home.  After readying for an afternoon and partial evening out, we drove to Island Park to seek a notary public for the aforementioned affidavits, but could find none.  Changing directions, we drove to West Yellowstone to First Security Bank, found a notary public, and signed the papers—at no charge.  Then to the post office for mailing.  Legal stuff sure gets in the way of having fun.
IMGP0081BA rendezvous was taking place on the outskirts of West Yellowstone, and went there hoping to see mountain men and women, Indians, horses, trade goods, fiddle playing, and all the other things that might have been included in an real-to-life, authentic rendezvous. After reading all the historical fiction books about the fur trappers’ rendezvous, I was disappointed as this one only seemed to be about selling stuff, none of which we needed (one exception—Kay bought a handmade butter bell). 
IMG_2462BDriving back into Yellowstone National Park, we found that they were paving the road from West Yellowstone to Madison Junction, with loose gravel everywhere.  We finally made it past Madison Junction, and turned north to near Gibbon Meadows, a place Kay had identified earlier as one she wanted to fish.IMG_2460B  We began by fishing from the bank of the Gibbon River, but soon discovered there were too many mosquitos and that to really fish the Gibbon, we would need to wade—so it was back to the car to don waders.  We had a great afternoon, with several hits on a hopper, and even more on a caddis.  Only two fish were caught—a brookie and a brown.  Fishin’ Journal details follow.
TIME:  4:00 PM to 6:30 PM
WEATHER:  Partly cloudy, breezy, low 60s
WATER CONDITIONS:  Clear, cool, and from 2 to 4 feet deep
LOCATIONS FISHED: Gibbon River, immediately downstream from Gibbon Meadows
ROD USED:  7’ 9” 2 wt Winston
FLIES USED:  #10 Dave’s Hopper, #16 Tan Caddis
HATCHES:  Dark Mayfly, Occasional Caddis
OTHER:  I fished with Kay.  Received several hits on both the hopper and the caddis, but only caught fish on the caddis.  There were a few rises, but fish were typically laying under the cut banks, though most of the bites were in slow water a couple of feet from the seem between the slow and fast water. 

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