Idaho 2011, Day 18—Rainy Days and Mondays…

Today was both rainy and a Monday—a good day to venture into the town of West Yellowstone for information at the Visitor’s Center, IMAX, museums, Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, and lunch.

We picked up a lot of maps and brochures at the Visitor’s Center, crowded because of the rain, then were off to the IMAX.  Sad to say, I have only been to one IMAX before and that was at the Canada exhibit at Epcot.  We walk in, about an hour early, to the smell of burnt popcorn.  The first movie is Yellowstone and was just okay.  The theater folks allowed folks to come in for about the first 10 minutes, and the number of talking small children was very high, making for a very distracting short movie.  The next movie, Lewis and Clark, was excellent, and the crowds were especially light, resulting in a really good movie experience.  After the movie, it was off to the old Union Pacific Railroad depot, now a museum—we would rate it just okay.  Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, West Yellowstone, MTFolks around town had told us about a Mexican restaurant in old bus parked in an alley; we found it, and it was great.  Our last stop was the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center.  It was no more than a zoo, and after seeing these species in the wild, kind of disheartening.  Admittedly, this photo has been severely cropped and retouched to make it look more wild.  More than likely, 99 percent of the folks there had never seen a grizzly bear or a wolf in the wild.

Back at the RV park, it was still spitting rain when a ferocious thunderstorm struck, with winds in excess of 50 miles per hour.  It made for a quiet evening, with us watching the 4th and 5th DVDs of Centennial.

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