Idaho 2011, Day 19—Spinning Wheels Go Round and Round…

IMG_2061BWeird!  I woke up this morning with tremendous dizziness, and spinning inside my head (Kay says more than usual), so I definitely did not want to drive anywhere or walk along high places, though she tried to arrange a hike on a steep cliff near the park!  Really, we hope it’s just an inner ear infection.  With 50 degrees inside the coach, IMG_2066B2the heat came on this morning; guess we’re getting thin blood. 

We sure didn’t do much today, though the 3-mile walk was great; got to see a pair of Sandhill cranes fairly close, and 3 antelope grazing in the meadow between the RV park and Henry’s Lake.  The Sandhill cranes are large birds, similar in size to Great Blue Herons, and have red foreheads.  Henry’s Lake is in the heart of their summer breeding grounds. I returned to the motor home for the camera with a telephoto lens, and walked backed to where I saw them, but they had moved to an adjoining meadow.  Got a few photos before they took off in flight to another adjoining meadow.

IMG_1522At about 6:30 PM, yet another storm rolled through, with high winds and a few sprinkles, but only briefly.  We rushed in from enjoying a peaceful evening outside visiting with our next door neighbor, Jack, gathering chairs and fastening things down.  This is about the 4th night, we’ve had afternoon storms. 

Kay and I played Spite and Malice (verdict is still out on how much fun it is) and watched what we thought were the last installments of Centennial.  Unfortunately, I thought when the “Play All” button was pushed, the entire DVD would be played; apparently, there were two episodes on each DVD, and only one is played.  So, we only watched an abbreviated version.  We replayed the first DVD and saw the very first episode.  If errors like this are a result of getting older, the aging process is not a lot of fun!  At least we’re in good company.

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