Idaho 2011, Day 17—Much Needed Rain

Up and at ‘em this morning; it’s Sunday and church day.  Kay put a roast in the crock pot and we dressed for church.  The regular preacher was back today—thank goodness—but it is youth Sunday, and we were dreading the service as we were looking forward to a good message.  Were we ever surprised.  Their youth consisted of 4 young men who had just been on a mission trip to Las Vegas, and though West Yellowstone is a tourist town, these young men were not widely traveled; we forget that West Yellowstone is still in Montana and has very long winters.  One of the four, a tall, gangly redhead, gave a most inspiring talk about one of his evenings in Vegas—being bored, reading the Word of God, praying, and regaining energy and strength—actually finding some purpose in his life.  It brought tears to our eyes.  With young people like this, there is hope for our country.  After a great service and communion this morning, it’s got to be a great rest of the day.

IMAG0007BBefore a much needed rain shower, I took a 3-mile walk near the RV park; it’s such a beautiful setting, with Henry’s Lake and the Henry’s Lake Mountains, the East Centennial Mountains, and wildflower covered meadows surrounding it.  Here, in this photo taken with the Droid phone, is the RV park and the East Centennials in the background.  One can understand why people keep coming here year after year.

It began raining about 5:00 PM—just a light rain—and rained the next few hours; so much for Bunko on the deck today—just saved us $5.  With outside activities curtailed, Kay and I played Hand and Foot, then watched the 3rd installment of Centennial.  Without television, we’re having to do more things together.  Is this a great life or what?

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