Idaho 2011, Day 16—It’s Party Time

Kay and Karen, co-owner of Red Rock RV Park, Henry's Lake, ID
As always out here, sleep comes easy and long; guess it’s the cool temperatures (though the low has only been 47 degrees the last few mornings, but we’re not complaining) and the great foam mattress in the RV.
I had been hungry for pancakes, and Kay needed to visit a couple of stores in West Yellowstone, so on Saturday morning (Day 16 for us) we headed east for the 22 mile drive over the continental divide, from Idaho to Montana, into town for a great breakfast.  As fate would have it, we sat next to a couple who told us they were from near Searcy, AR.  He then said it was actually McCrory, but said when he told people that, they didn’t know where McCrory was, then finally after several minutes of conversation, he said they were really from Beedeville, AR.  Kay told him I was from Bradford, and I told him I knew where Beedeville was, that my Dad and brother built a duck club there, and we played high school basketball against them—it is truly a small world!  While Kay shopped for groceries, I walked the streets of West Yellowstone which is a really neat town once you filter the tourist shops out.
IMG_2247BAfter finishing our “business” in West Yellowstone, it was back to the RV park for some much needed rest to get ready for the Happy Hour and hors d’ouvers (this word isn’t on the blog spell checker)—actually a chance to meet the neighbors.  Special guests at the Happy Hour were Trailer LIfe/Camping World representatives who rate campgrounds in this region.  After some great heavy snacks (hors’ d’ouvers) and adult beverages, a drawing was held, Food doesn't last long around RVers, Red Rock RV Park, Henry's Lake, IDand several Trailer LIfe/Camping World items were given away; we won a plastic mat which will be used to pad items in one of the storage compartments.  After “dinner” Kay played Left/Center/Right and promptly lost $3 (though she was in the final 3) and I met and talked with several fellow RVers from around the South and Midwest.  We had a really good time, returned to the RV, and watched the 2nd installment of Centennial.

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