Idaho 2011, Day 15—It Doesn’t Take Much To Entertain Us

One of three of our furry little friends, Red Rock RV Park, Henry's Lake, IDWe almost overdid it yesterday—so we’re “resting” the next few days just around the RV park.  Those of you who know Kay knows she gets antsy after being at “home” for an extended period of time—say a couple of hours.  So, after a late breakfast on Friday (Day 15 for us), she drives to Island Park (with a 20+ mile main street) to check out the stores, houses, condos, and side roads.  We share a large open space with Jack, our new friend and RVer in the next site.  As we sit out enjoying the cool breezes, we enjoy visiting with Jack, and being amused by 3 new found furry friends who hurry and scurry about, eating grass, chasing each other, and burrowing into the ground.  We think these are ground squirrels.  They sure are fun to watch, and are everywhere out here; we see them scurrying across the roads, and before you know it, they are down their hole in the ground.  It sure doesn’t take much to entertain us.  After taking naps, watching the weekend RVers come in, etc., we watched watched the first DVD installment of Centennial.  We both had forgotten just how good it was/is.

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