Idaho 2011, Day 7—A Quiet Day at Red Rock

IMG_1222Oh yeah, this is what we came for; 37 degrees this morning—make the pajamas and sweatshirt feel good, and the hot coffee taste even better!  We have yet to turn on the heat.
Today, there is to be no driving, no sight-seeing, no fishing, and no shopping—just a quiet day to rejuvenate and recharge our batteries after the long trip out here.
With nothing planned, we installed a new home theater receiver—a really cheap one that actually works to replace our other really cheap one that didn’t work.  It was more of a job than met the eye, labeling all the speaker wires, and video and audio connections for two HD televisions and numerous speakers.  Alas, we got it done!  Next, we gathered all the odd things that had gathered in our small motorhome, and repacked them, stowed them out of sight, or simply threw them away.
IMG_1227PIt’s amazing how the day can just disappear—seems like it’s faster each year—and before we knew it, it was time to walk before dinner.  This place in which we’re staying is surrounded by mountains, with a large meadow (hundreds of acres) on the north.  We are literally surrounded by forests and meadows.  Roadsides around the park, such as is in the photo are flooded with wildflowers; it is difficult to take a bad photo.  IMG_1231PWith cooler temperatures, we walk everyday and have numerous walking options.  Today we chose to stay in the vicinity of the RV park, taking pictures of wildflowers along the way.
We have a new neighbor, and visited with him at length.  He’s a full-timer, and I picked his brain as to how to set up a satellite dish to receive DirecTV high definition.  After all the frustration the last few days, it may be a day or two before we try it again.
Dinner came late, and it wasn’t too good suffice to say.  Kay and I played Hand and Foot until bedtime, and had lots of laughs.

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