Idaho 2011, Day 6—Exploring Idaho

Wow, 42 degrees this morning.  We slept like logs, until 7 am, late for us.
Upper Mesa Falls, Henry's Fork River, near Ashton, IDDriving south on US Highway 20, we turned off onto Idaho Highway 47 towards Big Mesa Falls.  There was little traffic in the national forest.  Big Mesa Falls was packed with young families with LOTS of kids; seems like each family has at least 4 little ones, and they like to whine and cry a lot.  Is there some strong family-based religion that believes in allowing kids a free reign?  Lower Mesa Falls, Henry's Fork River, near Ashton, IDBig Mesa Falls was very photogenic, though photos do not do it justice.  Just down the road, Little Mesa Falls was just as dramatic, and much less crowded.
As we drove further southward, the Grand Tetons came into view (from the west side).  We began to see potato farms stretching far and wide.  This area is a huge volcano caldera.  We arrived in Ashton expecting to find some fast food restaurants and a Walmart, but it was a bit too small.  Ashton is the seed potato capital of the world.  Further south we arrived in Rexburg, Idaho, complete with fast food, Walmart, Albertson’s, and a jewelry store.  We got some needed supplies and found some huge Mount Rainier cherries at Albertson’s.  Kay was able to get a battery for her watch at the local jewelry store.
The Grand Tetons were in view most of the way back to Ashton, ID; tough to wake up to every morning.  Driving back to the RV park, we briefly explored the Railroad Ranch—access to fly fishing the Henry’s Fork River—but were not able to see much without a short hike.  After filling up with gasoline—everywhere is a long way out here—we drove back to the RV park, did a 2-mile walk, and had a late dinner.

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