Idaho 2011, Day 8—So Where Do We “Live”

IMG_1245Red Rock RV Park sits at the edge of an old caldera, surrounded by mountains.  The park is encircled by mountains on one side and a large meadow on the other three sides.  There has been an attempt to develop some of the land around the park with some really large log houses having been built, but all seem vacant and for sale.  The park is about 5 miles to the south of US Hwy 20, with the turnoff about 14 miles west of West Yellowstone, MT.  Our particular space has the driver’s side, with all the hook-ups, really near another RV, but the passenger side enjoys a fairly large open space, with picnic table and fire pit; we can see for miles out the passenger side.  The front of the RV has an unobstructed view of a meadow and mountains to the west, while the back, our bedroom, faces other RVs in the park.
Kay spent time today having a flat tire repaired, a $35 endeavor, and got to know the shops of West Yellowstone up close and personal, while I enjoyed a nice 2.5 mile walk/hike in the US Forest Service land adjacent to the park.  On a hiking trail near Red Rock RV Park, Henry's Lake, IDThis short, 2.5 mile trail through the forest presented many meadows, complete with wildflowers, while the rural road on the return offered spectacular views.  On the trail a small mule deer was startled by my walking, and while returning along the road, I saw 3 Sandhill cranes and 2 antelopes in the adjoining meadow.
Kay picked up a new satellite finder at Radio Shack in West Yellowstone, and we once again tried to get satellite reception.  After an hour or so, using 3 satellite finders, we concluded that the Directv receiver is bad—not surprising.  We have had a difficult time dealing with Directv, and don’t recommend them!
Outside our motor home window, Red Rock RV Park, Henry's Lake, IDTogether, we did another 3 mile hike through the forest, and saw two separate mule deer does laying down, then bolting when they saw us.  We saw some really large trees, and we saw the 3 Sandhill cranes nibbling the grasses along the road.  A thunderstorm moved off to the north, providing some amazing skies on the horizon.

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