Completing the Job—Waxing the Motorhome

The weather forecast for the weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, is for highs in the low 90s with lots of wind and sun.  Consequently, we bit the bullet with our sore bodies and waxed the motorhome.  The roof had never been waxed, and a hint published on one of the many RV forums was to use Mop ‘N Glo, so we gave it a try, and it worked well—so far.  While I worked on the roof and the front overhang, Kay waxed the back and started on the driver’s side.  We worked in tandem on the rest of the RV, using Nu Finish, a product we used last year with a lot of success.  It’s a once-a-year wax, and really held up well to the sun and rain this past year.  We finished waxing around noon, and moved the motorhome back to its usual parking spot.  After a rest and some lunch, we exercised the generator, extended the slides. and dressed all the rubber gaskets and molding.  We’re now ready to go…

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