Time for a RV Wash and Wax

Another year has passed since the motorhome got detailed, i.e. a complete wash and wax job.  Last year, we did this annual chore on April 4 and 5, but almost constant rain and a trip to Israel and Jordan this year delayed us.  Our weather was cool and wet most of the spring, then when we returned from the Middle East, we had a couple of cool nights, then wham—90 degree weather.  Oh well, we waited for a somewhat cool and overcast day, and began with scrubbing the roof.  With so much rain, we had mold and mildew everywhere, but a scrub brush and elbow grease—and tons of sweat—saw the job done.  We were so glad to get this difficult part done that we drug our old and worn out bodies out in the afternoon and completed washing the rest of the almost 4-year old motorhome.  Gosh, we’re glad that’s over.  Tomorrow, we’ll wax!

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