Branson, MO, RV Rally—Early Arrival

We’re in Branson, MO, for an Arkansas Traveler RV Rally; this is our first RV trip to Branson.  It was just a short drive from our house to the campground.  We departed home about 11 AM, and was really enjoying the trip when the supplemental break buzzer went off, indicating the brake in the Honda behind us had been engaged for at least 10 seconds.  As fate would have it, we were on a two lane road, near a hill top just east of Harrison, AR, but managed our way to the non-existent shoulder with several vehicles behind us.  We slowly pulled forward looking for a safe spot to check the brake, and saw a driveway.  The good Lord takes real good care of us, because the driveway was an entrance to a country church parking lot.  IMGP0018After pulling into the lot, we checked the brake, and it continued to cycle.  We unplugged the power cord, removed the auxiliary brake, and proceeded to the Ozark Country Campground in Branson without further problems.  While Kay registered us, I unhooked the Honda, and we set up in our campground site.  No leveling was required, so setup was a breeze.  With temps expected in the low 90s, we immediately turned on the AC, greeted other rally goers, and settled in for the afternoon.

Dinner was a potluck affair, and as with most RV gatherings, the food was delicious.  Kay may a pasta/vegetable salad and a pecan pie.  After dinner she played “31”, but quickly lost her 4 quarters and joined me outside visiting with the other Travelers.

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