Cozumel, Mexico

The seas were rough last evening, but we did sleep okay.

Our last port of call before heading north to New Orleans was Cozumel, Mexico, near the top of the Yucatan Peninsula, and just south of Cancun.  We had expected a modern resort town, mostly oriented towards young partying crowds, but as with the other ports of call, we found shopping areas selling diamonds, gold, silver, liquor, restaurants, and some local clothes and souvenirs adjacent to where we deboarded the ship.IMGP3179There was a bit more hustle and bustle as four ships were docked at their waterfront, and most of the stores had people “hawking” the goods.IMGP3162We found the prices to be quite expensive compared to the Spirit, and especially expensive when compared to Costa Maya—if only we had known.  We walked most of the streets in the waterfront area, found their plaza and strolled around it, drank a light Coke at one of the local restaurants, and returned to the ship after about 3 hours.IMGP3166

For the first time, we ordered room service for lunch, and I eagerly ate a hamburger, while Kay ate half a BLT and a Greek salad.  We could get used to having our rooms made up twice a day, and room service, if we wanted it, for every meal.

The view from the 12th floor deck revealed a totally different Cozumel further north on the island, near the airport.  There, one sees many beachfront high-rise hotels catering more to the resort traveler.  Because we are sailing all day tomorrow, the crew was readying the pool area for some serious use.

Evening brought a lovely dinner with Jenny and Brian in one of the ship’s many restaurants.  We all enjoyed our 4-course meals immensely, as both food and service were good.IMGP3185JOURNAL

After dinner, we listened to music, and attended what may have been the best show yet, Elements, featuring magic and illusion, ballet, acrobatics, and extraordinary dancing and lighting.

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