Cozumel, Mexico, to New Orleans

Another night of rockin’ and rollin’, with high seas once again—nothing a couple of seasick pills can’t solve.  We had no where to visit today, so sleeping in was the first order of the day, followed by a long and leisurely breakfast.

There were no activities on the ship in the morning that interested us so we walked to burn some of the calories taken in this week.  Four times around the ship’s 7th deck is equal to 1.4 miles, and we have been trying to walk an hour or so.  We walk one mile in about 20 minutes.  How long does it take us to walk one hour?  If you said about 60 minutes, you’re right!  Remember the “reading” problems in Algebra II?  Seriously, we have been trying to walk about 3 miles each day, same as home.

Lunch was great today with grilled ribs constituting our main course.  There were long lines at the outside grill, but the food was worth it.  Afterwards, an afternoon nap was in order and another hour of walking.  Both of us have been falling asleep at the drop of a hat, and finally concluded that the motion sickness pills were the cause.  However, only one of us was taking them.  Go figure.

We attended the early (7:15 p.m) show tonight, and it included several of the acts we had seen during the week:  singing and dancing, illusion and magic, and comedy.  The shows have been excellent, and were definitely the best of onboard activities.

Somehow, we managed to pack all of our things in one less bag than we used coming aboard, and that includes a few souvenirs.  We’re ready to head home tomorrow morning after breakfast.

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