We All Need Rainy Days in our Lives – Roatan, Honduras

Awakening to rain on the porthole window, the Spirit sailed into Roatan, Honduras.   While some were disappointed with the rain, we were gladdened for a somewhat forced slowdown for reading, journaling, and general downtime—we all need some rainy days in our lives—and this one was overdue.

We left the ship after an early breakfast of fresh fruit, eggs, bacon, cereal, etc. in a light drizzle.  As with the other ports of call, this one was very commercialized, having made sweetheart deals with the various cruise lines.  All the stores begin to look the same, and sell the same merchandise—gold, silver, liquor, perfume, and some local stuff, mostly made in China—and except for the local stuff, the ship is about 5-10% less expensive.IMGP3154This commercial development is known as Mahogany Bay, and we had our picture taken with the Baxter Bulletin in front of the Mahogany Bay, Roatan sign; the Baxter Bulletin is our local paper, and once a week includes photos of residents holding the paper in far away locales.IMGP3152BAXTER

As we continued our time at Roatan, the drizzle turned to outright rain, then back to drizzle, then to rain, etc.  After visiting all the shops, we returned to the ship and spent the rest of the day enjoying our downtime.

After departing Roatan, our ship headed south around the island, then north towards Cozumel, Mexico.  Winds were blowing directly towards the starboard side of the ship, and we were rockin’ and rollin’ in the Gulf of Mexico, forcing us to take a sea sick pill or two, and wondering if we would sleep during the night.

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