Friday through Sunday, March 31-April 2, 2023—Travelin’ Home

The winter season officially ended for us on Friday morning as we departed Palm Creek RV and Golf Resort in Casa Grande, Arizona. It was a bit of an uneventful winter with unusually wet, cool, and windy weather. Kay still managed to play lots of pickleball and golf  while I did very little in the way of outdoor activities. The likely rotator cuff tear really limited what I could do. Even taking photographs caused aches and pains. 

Nevertheless, we traveled from Casa Grande to Van Horn, Texas, a distance of just over 500 miles. With both of us taking turns driving, it was not a difficult day’s drive. After overnighting in Van Horn, the day saw us traveling to Santos, Texas, another almost 500 mile day. And, after overnighting in Santos, we finished the drive home, arriving mid-afternoon. Unpacking was more of a chore this time around, and we both were exhausted after the adrenaline stopped flowing. We were blessed in that there were no issues in the long trip home. Even the drive around Dallas-Fort Worth was not too bad.

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