Wednesday through Thursday, March 22-30, 2023—Keeping Busy and Sky Diving

To say that we stay busy would be an understatement. Kay has something going on almost every day and evening; on the other hand, without competitive pickleball and golf, there are large gaps of time in my days. Filling these gaps has been a relatively easy task, what with researching and writing about the Fred and Zoula Dunn ancestry (my paternal grandfather and grandmother), editing what few photos that have been taken this season, posting an occasional photograph on Facebook, and keeping this blog up to date. Wednesday evenings have become my personal favorite as we play “duplicate” bridge with the Seitz’s. Here’s how it goes. The hand is dealt, we bid the contract, and play the hand. And then, we reconstitute the hand face-up on the table, and discuss the various bids and ways to play the hand. Steve Seitz provides lots of very helpful guidance and input. Again, my favorite activity this winter. And, Friday afternoon “Arkansas” pickleball is always fun, but the dinner and adult beverages afterward is even funner!

Sunday afternoon is typically reserved for “Arkansas” golf and the 19th hole (or 10th hole in our case” but the last Sunday was called off due to lack of participants. Instead of golf, we drove to Elroy to watch the dare devil skydivers jump out of perfectly good airplanes, and free-fall thousands of feet before swooping in for a perfect standup landing. A long wait was in order because of dust devils and heavy wind.

And then, Sunday evenings are usually concert/show evenings. Our last Sunday evening concert was Down on the Country, a Credence Clearwater Revival Tribute Band featuring vocalist and professional entertainer Mike Yarema. The was a great concert with great music. And, Mike Yarema sounded just like John Fogerty.  Mike told the stories and sung the songs of this iconic group, including several favorite hits: Born on the Bayou, Fortnuate Son, Proud Mary, Who’ll Stop the Rain, Green River, and many more!

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