Monday through Sunday, November 14-December 4, 2022—Taking a Break from Everyday Life

It’s been a while—about three weeks since a blog entry was posted. With changing weather patterns, golf, and pickleball, my back was becoming really sore, achy, and both the back and right leg were in near constant pain. Consequently, I took a break from sports for a while to let this old body heal—no golf, pickleball, or photography for a whole three weeks. During that time, a number of semi-annual medical appointments were kept, and I even prepared a few meals.

We enjoyed a visit from Nan (Kay’s sister) and George for a couple of days, even celebrating George’s birthday. 

Thanksgiving dinner was at Ron’s (Kay’s son) and Cheryl’s house with most of Kay’s immediate family present. 

Kay put up Christmas decorations, more subdued than previously, though still very charming and attractive. 

In addition, she kept busy with a number of social activities. During this “sabbatical,” I reprocessed hundreds of old photographs only to note that the photography wasn’t very good, but it’s amazing what artificial intelligence post processing applications can do. And, in the first few days of December we attended a couple of great musical programs—big band and rock and roll.

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