Monday through Sunday, November 7-13, 2022—Home Alone

A quiet pall overtook the house this week—Kay was away all but one day and night. She had a great time at the casino, and even came back with more money than she took.

And then, she left again to spend the weekend with granddaughter Aker in central Arkansas.

Monday morning was for church business, and golf followed in the afternoon—weather was as near perfect as one gets in Arkansas. Tuesday was the weekly golf scramble with other church men, we missed several short putts, and I generally played awful; no money was won this week! Wednesday was a great weather day for pickleball, and we had some competitive games at Diamante. Once again, it is worth repeating how nice the players are, and are so much fun to play with/against. I also made it outside with the camera for a few photos; perhaps the last of the butterflies for the season!

Tufted Titmouse
Dark-eyed Junko
Clouded Skipper
Pearl Crescent
One of two persimmons still remaining on tree

And then, it was pickleball again in the afternoon with the “Arizona” group, the Paddlewheelers. The games there also proved to be very competitive.

On Thursday, I played pickleball at Diamante, arriving home before lunch to find Kay already home from her junket. Friday was a “down” day for me, allowing time for an oil and filter change in the “old” Honda CR V, our tow car; it’s now ready for traveling to Arizona late next month. Kay traveled to central Arkansas to spend the weekend with granddaughter Aker.

Despite the frigid weather, Aker had three soccer games.

I had big plans for Saturday to include cleaning the garage floor; it didn’t happen. Instead, I caught up on a lot of YouTube videos, perhaps a waste of time, but enjoyable nevertheless. With Kay out of town, I attended early church on Sunday, leaving the rest of the day to just “hang out.” Kay returned later afternoon, and both of us were glad she was home.

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