Saturday through Friday, October 15-21, 2022—Shivering Cold

It proved to be another ho hum week, but busy nevertheless. Kay attended the Pickleball Sisters tournament in Hot Springs Village on Saturday while I continued helping friend, Dan, consolidate and organize his thousands of photos. The afternoon proved to be a great day for photographing butterflies in the backyard.

It began to lightly rain on Sunday, and continued raining after church until late afternoon, proving to be a great day for enjoying being inside. Kay had choir practice early Monday morning and dental hygiene work later. I attended a church council meeting, followed by golf. It was the first time in several months that we had “cart path only” on several holes. While our day doesn’t sound like much, it proved to be a full day for us. And, by the way, we still had a couple of hummingbirds nectaring at the feeder on their way south.

Last of our 2022 hummingbirds
Another migrating bird?

Tuesday was pickleball day for Kay while I played golf with the church guys’ scramble. Our team, with Okie and Ben, won, but more importantly had a really good time. A chilling cold front arrived Tuesday evening, bringing frigid temperatures and a light frost, the earliest in recent memory. On Wednesday morning, Kay had “table starter” duties for the Duffers Ladies’ Golf, but because of the cold temperatures, there were so many cancellations and no shows that no golf was played—a wasted morning for her. I continued helping Dan with his photo organization, and we both made airline reservations for an upcoming international photography trip. And fortunately, it began warming on Wednesday afternoon. We both played pickleball Thursday morning at Diamante, and it was another of those days when all the games were close and enjoyable.

Kay had some personal care appointments Friday morning, and went to a Christmas bazaar Friday afternoon. Dan and I made a quick trip to the William Kirsch Preserve in west Little Rock, and hit the motherlode with the best butterfly photography day of the year, and just inside the gate. It was so good that I was giddy. What a way to begin the weekend!

Pearl Crescent
Pearl Crescent
Common Checkered-skipper
Common Buckeye
Orange Sulphur
Orange Sulphur
Checkered White
Eastern Tailed-blue
Variegated Fritillary

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