Saturday through Friday, October 8-14, 2022—Family Time

Photographing a wedding is a nerve racking job; the resulting photos will be precious to the bride and groom for the rest of their lives. Consequently, there is little room for error. Diana Ramirez, a beautiful young Columbian lady asked me to photograph her wedding; she married our (Kay’s) grandson tonight, Saturday. It has been over 40 years since I last photographed a wedding! And this one was late afternoon and early evening, necessitating a flash. Consequently, I spent the days leading up to the wedding watching YouTube videos on flash and wedding photography. Because the bride had enlisted in the US Air Force and was to begin basic training on Tuesday, I quickly post processed the 400+ photos after church on Sunday, and forwarded some 150+ pictures to the bride. The “shoot” turned out well.

Kay and the groom
The groom and bride

We resumed our “normal” activities Sunday afternoon, playing pickleball with the Diamante group, and bridge with the Morrises Sunday evening. We both were busy with social commitments and golf on Monday, pickleball and golf on Tuesday, and pickleball and golf again on Wednesday. I did manage to photograph a few yard subjects Monday morning, including a few butterflies.

Cloudless Sulphur
Fiery Skipper
Clouded Skipper

A wildflower was still blooming, and the persimmons are almost ripe.

Arrowhead Plant

I took advantage of the warm weather Thursday morning to photograph a Sachem Skipper butterfly in the back yard.

Female Sachem Skipper

Kay attended The Book Club monthly meeting in North Little Rock on Thursday after which we drove to Memphis to celebrate Jenny’s birthday (and of course love on the grandkids).

“Pretty Boy” Linc
Smiling, but shy Sutton

Friday was Grandparents’ Day at Harper’s school, First Assembly Christian School, and we immensely enjoyed their program honoring veterans.

Harper opened the program
Honoring veterans
Kay, Harper, and Donald

We returned home Friday afternoon, a bit exhausted by all the comings and goings, but elated over having seen Jenny and her family.

2 thoughts on “Saturday through Friday, October 8-14, 2022—Family Time

  1. Why would you underestimate your ability with a camera! But I appreciate you recognizing the need for review and refreshing! I am sure you did a fabulous job and bride is happy. Congrats to the eautiful young airwoman and her groom!

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