Wednesday through Friday, February 16-18, 2022—Back to a Busy Schedule

On Wednesday, we were back to a normal, busy schedule, though my back ache and “jet lag” continued. Kay played golf with the Palm Creek 99ers in the morning, and I played pickleball in the afternoon. We played bridge in the evening—when time and schedules allow, we play several hands of bridge on Wednesday evenings with Steve and Mary Seitz in what has proved to be a great learning experience; thanks Steve and Mary for your patience and teaching. 

Thursday was a return to “Big Boys’ Golf” where a group of current and former HSV men play a big course within the general area. Today’s course was Quarry Pines in Marano, just north of Tucson. Quarry Pines Golf Club offers a mix of dramatic elevation changes and stunning mountain views with 18 holes. In 2000, following a decision to abandon the sand and gravel quarry adjacent to the original golf course, the Town of Marana and the quarry/golf course owner agreed on a plan that would reclaim the quarry. By relocating 10 golf holes into the old quarry and reconfiguring 8 of the existing holes one of Tucson’s most popular golf courses was transformed.

The goal in playing Quarry Pines is to reduce the number of lost golf balls! Though I came in last, I only lost two golf balls. As is becoming the norm, Steve Seitz won all the money.

This par 3 accounted for a lost golf ball for each of us

Kay and I both played pickleball on Friday as Friday afternoon is HSV social pickleball day. It was great fun, with some hard fought matches. The previously postponed Balloon Glow occurred in the evening with seven hot air balloons inflating in an open place near the main buildings. This event is part of cancer awareness weekend. Most remain stationary, though one did offer tethered rides.

A tethered balloon ride

When their pilots would fire up the hot air, the balloons would offer a beautiful glow. One had to be there to see the dynamics of all the colors.

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