Sunday through Tuesday, February 13-15—Back Home in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, Part 2

Whether caused by the weather or plane ride or grossly uncomfortable seats in the Toyota truck, my back has been really hurting since arriving in Arkansas (Dan’s Toyota truck is very comfortable, but it is more towards top-of-office the-line.) Sunday was no exception. I did make it to Maumelle to visit with Karyn, Ridge, and Aker. Ridge landed his first somersault on the trampoline, and Aker is only a few jumps away. It was sure good seeing the family and having such a nice visit, and I got valentines.

After returning home, I stayed in or near the bed all day with severe back pain. It hurts in the lower back area, but there is no neuropathy in the legs as has been typical with lumbar spinal stenosis. Apparently one of the symptoms of COVID is severe lower back pain, but I have not had a fever or any other symptoms. It seems like every ailment suffered now is one of COVID’s symptoms, so one never knows! Sunday was the HSV group golf game at Palm Creek.

The partnership of Kay and Steve won the money. She’s sure been winning a lot lately with different partners; wonder if she’s been sandbagging this whole time?

Kay and Steve

Christ of the Hills UMC Board of Trustees met Monday morning, and I was able to attend. We travel so much that it is often difficult to match schedules. Fortunately, Bill Baker stepped in for me, and he is an encyclopedia of knowledge regarding church business. Afterwards, Jim Morris and I had breakfast at Raffaella Rose (Cortez Golf Course). Jim is one of my dearest friends and it was good catching up. And then, it was back home again to the bed for more back rest which doesn’t seem to be doing any good. Meanwhile, Kay had a full schedule with pickleball and a street Valentine’s Day party. She made Jack’s cherry cheese cake which is always a big hit, and another dish, but didn’t get to stay long because of other commitments.

For the sixth night in a row, good sleep evaded me. However, tonight’s lack of sleep was due to early flights Tuesday morning from Little Rock to Dallas and to Phoenix. I dozed on the plane on both legs, but no fitful sleep was to be had. Once again, Southwest Airlines delivered ahead of schedule, arriving in Phoenix before 10 AM, and Kay was dutifully there to pick me up. We stopped at Big Wa’s (Chinese food) for an early lunch, and finally we were back at the motorhome. No amount of napping relieved the fatigue caused by lack of sleep.

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